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EPIC 3 Radio Direct Interface (RDI) Voice Amplifier


The 3M Scott EPIC 3 Radio Direct Interface (RDI) voice amplifier enhances SCBA facepiece voice intelligibility and delivers clear two-way radio communications when operated with compatible handheld field radios and remote speaker microphones (RSM).

Compatible with all 3M Scott AV, Vision, and Promask series facepieces and breathing apparatus systems, the EPIC 3 RDI provides 3M Scott customers with the safety and operational benefits of enhanced tactical voice communications while extending the value of their SCBA and Personal Protection Equipment.

The EPIC 3 RDI operates directly with compatible Bluetooth®- enabled handheld field radios and matching remote speaker microphones, allowing customers to utilize their existing radio equipment to simplify system operation, deployment logistics, and reduce technology spend.

Integrated noise suppression technology removes environmental ambient noise from the facepiece and radio voice communications, allowing first responders to be clearly heard and understood when communicating with incident victims, team members, incident commanders, and remote dispatchers.

Durable purpose-built design and construction ensure the EPIC 3 RDI will perform long term in high-temperature use case environments, enhancing worker safety while minimizing customer maintenance costs.


  • Operates with compatible handheld field radios and remote speaker microphones. Provides clear and loud SCBA and radio voice communications at the incident scene for improved worker situational awareness and safety. Operates with customers’ existing radio equipment to reduce technology spend and lower total cost of ownership.​
  • Works with a broad range of 3M Scott SCBA and PPE equipment. Allows customers with new or legacy 3M Scott SCBA and PPE equipment to enhance fire scene voice communications to further improve worker safety. Helps future proof their 3M Scott SCBA and radio equipment investment.
  • User-friendly operation and ergonomics. Allows easy system set up, learning, and operation. Provides fast and reliable transitioning between radio / RSM and tactical SCBA-radio communication modes.
  • Durable and reliable purpose-built design and construction.
  • Ensures reliable long term operation in demanding high-temperature environments. Enhances worker safety while minimizing customer maintenance costs.
  • Easy and flexible device configuration
  • Allows easy device configuration to optimize system performance for specific user and task requirements.
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