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ProPak EZ-Flo SCBA


– Developed in response to customer feedback the ProPak range has been designed to increase comfort, improve ease of movement and reduce user fatigue. The rigid back plate is lightweight and ergonomically designed to meet these demands.
– The entire range uses the same high performance, reliable pneumatics which provide low breathing resistance and excellent dynamic performance – particularly at low flow rates
– Propak-EZ-Flo provides firefighters a simple to use SCBA which is easily upgraded to include communications and situational awareness devices.

– Range of specifications available to meet the needs of different users and to withstand the applications in which they’ll be used.
– All components are user serviceable and low cost leading to lower through life costs, simpler maintenance, reduction in down time of sets and improved operational flexibility

– High performance, reliable pneumatics with compact first breath activated demand valve with bypass, the same pneumatics are used on each specification of the ProPak
– ProPak-EZ-Flo features the proven EZ-Flo Demand Valve from Scott Safety, seen at the heart of every Scott Safety AirPak. EZFlo features a first breath automatic activation and anti-fogging spray bar which also acts as a cooling effect for the user.​


  • ProPak-f-Ez-Flo: a firefighting SCBA unit, designed for user comfort with side arms and padded shoulder straps.
  • ProPak-fx-Ez-Flo the ultimate in user comfort for the professional firefighter offering all the benefits of the ProPak-f with the added feature of an adjustable back plate which means that the unit can be altered to fit the height of the wearer
  • Certified with AV3000HT PP Full Face mask and Ez-Flo Demand Valve
  • Rigid backframe construction with adjustable backplate
  • Easily removable pneumatics
  • Cost effective to service and maintain
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Kevlar & Pyrogard blend wrap around harness
  • Side arms for increased user comfort
  • Reflective webbing
  • Pivot and height adjustable waist belt for increased wearer comfort


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