X380N Thermal Imager – NFPA Compliant


The NFPA-compliant X380N thermal imager is the latest addition to the X-Series of thermal imaging solutions. With advanced technology from 3M Scott Fire & Safety, the X380N provides a mix of technology, lightweight design, and compliance to enhance situational awareness.

Hot-Spot Tracker
Immediately identify the hottest part of the scene and display its relative temperature. Ideal for overhaul, search and rescue, and risk assessment.

Cold-Spot Tracker
Immediately identify the coldest part of the scene and display its relative temperature. Ideal for hazmat environments.

High-Resolution Detection
See more with high pixel resolution (384 x 288).

Pixel-to-Pixel Mapping
Get an accurate representation of the scene with the pixel-to-pixel mapping feature that ensures every pixel is represented on the viewing screen.

Tactical Color
As the temperature increases, colors grow in intensity from gray, yellow, orange, to red. Transparent color capability enables firefighters to see structure through the colorization.

Intelligent Focus
See an object in clear detail, automatically. No turning knobs or throwing switches. Switch between high and low temperatures by placing the crosshairs on the object you wish to measure.

Lightweight Design
At only 2.5 pounds, the X-Series of cameras are some of the lightest thermal imagers on the market today. The pistol-grip handle is easy to hold with gloved hands.


  • High resolution at 384 x 288
  • Full-size 3.5” LCD
  • Exclusive hot- and cold-spot tracker
  • Intelligent focus
  • 2x and 4x digital zoom
  • Transparent colorization
  • Direct spot temperature readout
  • Laser pointer


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